Birth Injury

The attorneys of Bekman, Marder, Hopper, Malarkey & Perlin, L.L.C. have years of experience in helping families of birth-injured children. A multitude of complications can occur during childbirth. When these complications do arise, the attending physician must be prepared to act to alleviate them. Birth injury can range from physical damage such as shoulder dystocia, a shoulder injury caused when the doctor attempts to forcibly extract the baby, to brain injury caused by head trauma or restriction of blood flow to the brain. If your child has, due to a physician's negligence in a Maryland hospital, sustained a medical malpractice birth injury, such as cerebral palsy or other forms of developmental delay, our attorneys can help. The lawyers of Bekman, Marder, Hopper, Malarkey & Perlin, L.L.C., based in Baltimore, have experience in medical malpractice trials. Our attorneys are adept and experienced in gaining restitution for families of injured children. Contact us to discuss your case.

The attorneys of our firm have decades of experience with cases involving cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is caused by damage to the cerebrum, the part of the brain responsible for reasoning, emotions, the senses, and voluntary muscle function. Depending on which parts of the cerebrum are damaged, manifestations of cerebral palsy can include muscle spasms resulting in uncontrollable movement, seizures, and occasionally, though by no means always, mental retardation. Cerebral palsy can be caused by head trauma at the time of birth and, in some cases, by lack of oxygen immediately after birth. Bekman, Marder, Hopper, Malarkey & Perlin, L.L.C. handles cerebral palsy cases. Our attorneys have decades of experience in holding physicians accountable for malpractice. If you live in Maryland and have a child with cerebral palsy caused by delivery room injury, contact Bekman, Marder, Hopper, Malarkey & Perlin, L.L.C..

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