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Catastrophic Personal Injury

The facts of each case are different.  That means that a past record of success in another case is not a guarantee of a similar result in your case or in any future case.  Below we have listed a small number of recent settlements or court verdicts to represent the types of success we have had in the past in cases involving catastrophic injury to our clients.  Call us today to find out whether you have a case. 

$17,400,000.00 verdict for a woman who was left with permanent pain and disability after a student doctor delivered her baby through her bladder.

$8,000,000.00 settlement for individual who became quadriplegic following the negligent operation of a motor vehicle by a bus driver who ran into a concrete abutment.

$2,400,000.00 settlement to patient whose diagnosis of cancer was delayed four years due to failure to communicate results of abnormal MRI.

$2,400,000.00 settlement for surviving spouse and two minor children of patient who was discharged from emergency room with life threatening infection.

$2,325,000.00 jury verdict for a 53 year old male stroke victim whose stroke could have been avoided if timely treatment for his transient ischemia had occurred.

$2,295,000.00 jury verdict to the family of a 27 year old man who was left untreated in a hospital for 18 hours until he died from an overwhelming blood infection.

$2,000,000.00 settlement for a 41 year old woman who hemorrhaged to death post-childbirth because her obstetrician failed to stop her bleed or remove her uterus.

$1,900,000.00 settlement from a local hospital and emergency room physician for the permanent brain damage of a 55 year old man who was sent home untreated with an overwhelming blood infection.

$1,800,000.00 verdict to worker who had abnormal findings on lung scan which was reported as normal and ended up having pulmonary embolism and became severely disabled.

$1,750,00.00 settlement to a 60 year old man for failing to diagnose and treat post-operative complications after back surgery causing nerve damage and paraplegia.

$1,400,000.00 settlement for a 77 year old woman who died after her surgeon failed to come and see her for 12 hours after she was called and told of her surgical emergency.

$1,275,000.00 settlement for the family of a 39 year old woman who was not appropriately monitored post-surgery and died from a cardiac arrest.

$1,200,000.00 settlement to a young woman for injuries and disfigurement to her pelvic area as a result of failing to diagnose and treat a bacterial infection.

$1,100,000.00 settlement for the parents of a nineteen year old daughter who died a week following heart surgery because her coumadin levels were not properly monitored.

$1,000,000.00 settlement to surviving wife and adult children of patient who underwent cardiac catheterization which caused perforation of artery and hemorrhage resulting in death.

$1,000,000.00 awarded surviving father and daughter of patient who had surgical abdomen and surgery was unduly delayed, resulting in death.

$1,000,000.00 awarded to family of post-surgical patient who underwent MRI and was injected with air causing a heart attack and death.

$900,000.00 settlement for the six children of a 77 year old man who died as a result of receiving improper medication while hospitalized for a minor procedure.

$850,000.00 settlement to three adult children of patient, who, while inpatient at U.S. hospital, had clogged chest tube which resulted in heart attack and death.

$850,000.00 settlement for the death of newborn twins caused by the obstetrician's failure to diagnose premature ruptured membranes.

$850,000.00 settlement for the family of an 82 year old man who died in the hospital after physicians failed to replace an inadequately working chest tube which caused heart attack and death.

$763,543.00 verdict for young woman who sustained nerve damage to her arm and hand as a result of a negligent injection into her arm.

$750,000.00 settlement to the widow and four adult children of a man who was left unmonitored post-surgery and bled to death.

$750,000.00 settlement for three adult children whose father died after x-rays, which were diagnostic of bowel perforation, were overlooked and misread.

$750,000.00 settlement for the two minor children of a 48 year old man who died following surgery when the doctor failed to properly protect against pulmonary embolism.

$700,000.00 settlement for the two adult children of a 58 year old woman who died in a hospital emergency room from breathing disorders when she was not seen for over five hours.

$650,000.00 jury verdict for the wife of a 71 year old man who died after his doctor failed to properly diagnose his colon cancer.

$600,000.00 jury verdict for a woman whose doctor failed to properly treat her colitis.

$600,000.00 settlement for the daughters of a 24 year old woman with a long history of suicide attempts who committed suicide in a Pennsylvania hospital after admission for another suicide attempt.

$553,000.00 awarded to two adult children who survived parent, age 82, who died from anaphylactic shock when she was improperly prescribed Keflex, although she was allergic to penicillin. The verdict was rendered against the U.S. government.