Maritime, Admiralty, and Injuries on the High Seas

Maritime and Admiralty cases involve injuries and death that happen on or near bodies of water.  This is a highly specialized area of law in which experience is a must.  Lawyers from across Maryland refer maritime and admiralty cases to our firm because of our over forty years experience handling these types of cases. 

The facts of each case are different.  That means that a past record of success in another case is not a guarantee of a similar result in your case or in any future case.  Below we have listed a small number of recent settlements or court verdicts to represent the types of success we have had in the past in maritime, admiralty, and other cases involving injuries on the water.  Call us today to find out whether you have a case. 

$2,680,000.00 settlement for the deaths of two women as a result of maritime negligence.

$750,000.00 settlement for surviving spouse, one minor child and three adult children, who were survivors of retired engineer who lost his life while a passenger on a yacht which sunk off the coast of New Jersey.

$136,000.00 judgment for the death of a longshoreman.

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